Birth Childhood and Sources of Inspiration:

The Chief of Panj Pyaras (Five beloved ones of Guru Gobind Singh Ji) Bhai Sahib Bhai Daya Singh Ji has the honour of being the first singh of sikh panth. He was born in 1661 at Lahore (Pakistan) in the home of Mata Diali Ji and father Bhai Sudha Ji. Bhai Sudha Ji and Mata Diali Ji became Sikhs by taking Charan Pahul from Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji. Guru Teg Bahadur Ji was very pleased on them as they were deeply immersed in the name of Akalpurakh and were completely submitted to the will of almighty. Considering the birth of child as mercy of Guru Sahib, the child was named Daya Ram. The environment of Sikh Religion, Gurbani and remembrance of Akal Purakh’s name instilled in him love and devotion for guru. When Bhai Sahib Ji was very young his father made him learn Japji Sahib by heart, later on when he grew up, He went on learning other Baani’s also. Though sikh history was not in written form in those times but it was on the tongues of people like folktales – martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Ji, keeping army by Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, performances of Bhai Bidhi Chand Ji and sacrifices of many Gursikhs for Satgur Ji for getting blessings of Guru Ji, strengthened the devotion of Bhai Sahib Ji towards Guru Sahib Ji.

Higher Education, skill-at-arms and offering of Head to Guru Sahib:

At the age of about sixteen years Bhai Sahib came to Anandpur Sahib along with his parents to pay obeisance to Guru Gobind Singh Ji, and never returned home. Remaining in the pious company of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji . Bhai Sahib Ji attained the knowledge of various languages, aquired skill-at-arms and learnt horse riding. Staying here only Bhai Sahib Ji rendered unlimited services to Guru’s regime as a reward of which Guru sahib Ji showered precious blessings on him and made all aspects of his personality perfect and graceful. At the occasion of Baisakhi of 1699 Guru Sahib Ji performed an amazing miracle. From the large holy congregation Guru Sahib Ji demanded one head, on hearing this there spread a deep silence among all and all were stunned. Breaking that deep silence Bhai Daya Singh Ji stood up and offered his head to Guru Sahib Ji and spoke in very impressive and emotional words “My true emperor! this head had became yours long back when first of all I had your holy glimpse. This is something which I owed to you. I beg to be forgiven if I have delayed in returning your debt. I am grateful to you that you yourself have demanded it else we don’t have anything else to offer to you.”

About Bhai Daya Singh Ji

  • The Title of “Panj Pyare”(Five Beloved one)

    The Title of “Panj Pyare” (Five Beloved one)

    In this way, Guru Sahib demanded four heads more and four other sikhs offered their heads to sacrifice. Guru Sahib bestowed on them the title of ‘Panj Pyare’. First of all Guru Sahib baptised all the Panj Pyaras by giving them Amrit and then took Amrit from Panj Pyaras and set a new tradition of ‘Aape Gur Chela’ and commanded the sikhs that any one could become Sikh of Guru by taking Amrit from Panj Pyaras. In this way Guru Sahib created ‘Khalsa Panth’.

  • Chief of Panj Pyaras

    Chief of Panj Pyaras

    Guru Sahib nominated Bhai Daya Singh Ji as chief of Panj Pyaras. Bhai Daya Singh Ji who was Chief of Panj Pyaras and elder to Guru Gobind Singh Ji and being very close to Guru Sahib was started being held in high regard in the court of Guru Sahib.Satguru ji gave a shape of Panthak Panchayat (Khalsa Parliament) to Panj Pyaras and declared that all the important decisions would be taken by Khalsa Parliament and Panj Pyaras.Guru Sahib handed over the responsibilities of langar (Kitchens) and other peculiar services to Bhai Daya Singh Ji. In every consultation relating to Gurmat, Guru Ji kept Bhai Sahib close and his every opinion had always been full of deep wisdom and farsightedness.

  • Consecration (giving of amrit) only by Panj Pyaras

    Consecration (giving of amrit) only by Panj Pyaras

    Once a great saint from the dynasty of Sodhis prayed to Kalgidhar ji for bestowing on him ‘Gur Mantar’ and consecrate (give amrit) him. Guru ji advised him, “I have bestowed the entire guru status on Panj Pyaras. Now onwards, Panj Pyaras are endowed with powers of complete Guru. You go to Bhai Daya Singh Ji, he only along with Panj Pyaras can consecrate you and give ‘Gur Mantar’ “. After that desendent of Baba Sobha Singh Ji, obeying the command of Guru Sahib Ji and went very humbly to Bhai Daya Singh Ji for taking Amrit and got it.

  • Encirclement of Anandpur Sahib by Mughal Army

    Encirclement of Anandpur Sahib by Mughal Army

    During very long encirclement by mughal army Sikhs became restless by thirst and hunger. They intended to leave the fortress. At that time Bhai Daya Singh Ji being the chief of Khalsa Panchayat, inspired them to stay in the pious company of Guru Sahib and he himself also stayed there like a brave soldier.

  • War of Chamkaur Sahib and The Decision of Guru Panth

    War of Chamkaur Sahib and The Decision of Guru Panth

    When Guru Sahib decided to leave the fort of Anandpur Sahib, at that time Bhai Daya Singh Ji also came out of the fort. After that while crossing Sarsa river had a tough fight with Mughal army and occupied the battle front in the fragile fortress of Chamkaur. At this time Guru Ji had forty Singh’s and two elder sons Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji and Sahibzada Jujhar Singh Ji with him.When during the war with mughal army both the sahibzadas and so many other singh’s laid down their lives, Guru ji related his decision to lay down his life in the religious war. Satguru ji said “Now to fight and lay down the life in the battle field is my only objective.” This decision was so sudden and horrible that everybody was stunned. Everyone had a thought in the mind that what would become of the newly created Khalsa Panth. This feeling of anxiety was expressed by all to sagacious person Bhai Daya Singh Ji. Bhai Sahib’s farsightedness decided at once that Guru ji could not lay down his life and could be prevented from doing so. So Bhai Daya Singh Ji gathered five Singhs and very humbly and respectfully with folded hands prayed before Guru Sahib, “Satguru Ji ! individually we are your devotees, sons and Sikhs but according to your directives if we come collectively, we are Guru Panth. Now this Guru Panth of yours has thought that you would not lay down your life in this religious war and somehow go out of this fortress and make all attempts to gather Panthak Power in order to take the Panth to high spirits”. On hearing this command like prayer, Guru Gobind Singh Ji honoured Bhai Daya Singh ji and other beloved ones and spoke, “Thanks to Akalpurakh, now Panth has become competent enough to command me. We are to take Panth to great heights, for this we need the leadership of determined, enlightened , sacrificing and devoted sikhs.”

  • Guru Gobind Singh Ji came out of Fortress of Chamkaur

    Guru Gobind Singh Ji came out of Fortress of Chamkaur

    So, Guru Ji asked Bhai Daya Singh Ji and Bhai Maan Singh Ji to meet later according to the direction of stars and came out together uttering in loud voice “Peer of Hind is going”. On reaching Machhiwara, Bhai Daya Singh Ji and Bhai Maan Singh Ji met Guru Ji. The plan of taking Guru ji as ‘Uch Da Peer’ was also made by Bhai Daya Singh Ji. Making the plan successful, Pathan Gani Khan and Nabhi Khan who were the devotees of Guru Sahib putting their lives to great risk made Guru ji reach from Machhiwara to Lakhi Jangal.

  • Guru Sahib Ji sent Zafarnama to Aurangzeb through Bhai Daya Singh Ji

    Guru Sahib sent Zafarnama to Aurangzeb through Bhai Daya Singh Ji

    After reaching Deena Kangar, Guru ji wrote Zafarnama which meant ‘Letter of Victory’. Guru Ji wrote this in the shape of a long poem in persian and sent this letter of victory to Aurangzeb through Bhai Daya Singh Ji. Bhai Sahib travelled long distances and met Aurangzeb at Aurangabad. On meeting Aurangzeb, Bhai Sahib uttered Fateh(sikh salutation) very humbly and handed over Zafarnama to him.

  • Help of Bahadur Shah

    Help of Bahadur Shah

    When Bahadur shah was fighting to gain the thrown of Delhi, Guru Gobind Singh Ji sent Bhai Daya Singh Ji for his help. By the grace of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and help of Bhai Daya Singh Ji, in the battle fought at Jajua Bahadur Shah emerged victorious and became the emperor of India. Bahadur Shah requested Bhai Daya Singh Ji and Bhai Dharam Singh Ji to inform about this victory. He also requested for a meeting with Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Agra. During meeting at Agra, Emperor Bahadur Shah presented gifts inset with precious jewels as honour to Guru Sahib. Guru Sahib did not wear these gifts instead asked Bhai Daya Singh Ji to take them to the camp. Guru Sahib stayed at Agra till 1707 and then set out towards deccan. Bhai Daya Singh Ji always remained with Guru Sahib. There have been many friendly agreements between Guru Sahib and Bahadur Shah. Bhai Daya Singh Ji were always present in the meetings held between Guru Sahib and Bahadur Shah.

  • Nanded and Banda Singh Bahadur

    Nanded and Banda Singh Bahadur

    After that Bhai Sahib reached Nanded long with Guru Sahib. At Nanded Lachman Das Bairagi was freed of his arrogance and was named Banda Singh Bahadur. He was sent to Sirhind (Punjab) to fight against Suba Sirhind and to be victorious. At that time also Bhai Daya Singh Ji was in the service of Guru Sahib

  • Enthronement of Guru Granth Sahib Ji as Guru Ji 

    Enthronement of Guru Granth Sahib Ji as Guru

    The most significant and entremely sacred work of preparations relating to the enthronemant of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Guru Sahib asked Bhai Daya Singh Ji to decorate Guru Granth Sahib in a palanquin and prepare ‘Panch Amrit’. Bhai Daya Singh Ji obeying the orders of Guru Sahib, decorated Guru Granth Sahib in palanquin by covering with beautiful scarfs. Guru Sahib took five paise and a coconut in his hands and after reciting prayer, handed over the throne and power of Guru to Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

  • Devotion of Bhai Daya Singh Ji Towards Guru Sahib Ji

    Devotion of Bhai Daya Singh Ji Towards Guru Sahib

    Bhai Daya Singh Ji rendered significant services to Guru Ghar and he had very deep love, devotion and reverence for Guru Sahib. For example: Once Guru Sahib was walking leisurely at the bank of a river, Bhai Daya Singh Ji and some other Singhs were also there along with Guru Sahib. Guru Ji was carrying a stone in his hand . Guru Ji performed a wondrous act. Guru Sahib threw this stone in the river and asked one singh why that stone had drowned. He replied that it was water’s property to drown everything which fell in it. Then Guru ji asked another singh the same question and he replied that “Maharaj the stone drowned in water because it was heavy in weight.” Guru ji smiled and lastly asked Bhai Daya Singh Ji why that stone had drowned. Bhai Daya Singh Ji replied out of extreme devotion , “Guru Ji I don’t know whether stone has drowned in water or water has drowned the stone. I know only one thing that one who has gone out of your hands is destined to be drowned today or tomorrow.” On seeing this fathomless devotion in Bhai Daya Singh Ji, Guru Ji embraced him and showered innumerable blessings on him

  • Passing away of Bhai Daya Singh Ji

    Passing away of Bhai Daya Singh Ji

    Great personality of Sikh Panth, dearest of Kalgidhar Ji, first Singh of Khalsa Panth, Chief of Panj Pyaras, Bhai Sahib Bhai Daya Singh Ji after getting blessings of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji through out his whole life since the age of 16 years, left for his heavenly abode in year 1708.