Meaning of 'Simran'

The meaning of Simran is to repeat the name of anything or any person whom we like to give utmost importance in our life and attempt to make his remembrance as main occupation of our mind. As a shopkeeper comes home after shutting his shop but his mind is still thinking of his account books and profit and loses. This is a kind of simran but this practice has no spiritual significance. This is only a worldly routine and leads us nowhere in the spiritual realm. On the basis of “Gurbani’s” principles the real simran is, repeating and remembering the name of God and this practice is supreme.(Prabh ka Simran Sabh Te Ucha). The eyes of our mind are shut, we need to open up eyes of our mind by doing ‘Simran of Akal Purakh’ and then we will be able to achieve the ever flowing spiritual bliss of being at one with almighty God.

Simran Sadhna in Gurudwara Sahibs

So keeping in mind the profound connotations and significance of Simran Sadhna. Bhai Gursharan Singh ji organized Simran Sadhna programmes in order to elevate people spiritually in this age of materialism. In the beginning, the Simran Sadhna programmes were held in the homes of devotees, daily, at Amrit Vele (Early morning hours). The number of devotees participating in these programmes was increasing day by day. Later on, it was realized that owing to these programmes being held in the homes of devotees, the presence of devotees in gurudwara sahibs of the city was reduced considerably. Keeping in mind the Gurmat principles that sangat should congregate in gurudwara sahibs for Simran, it was decided to shift Simran Sadhna programmes to gurudwara sahibs of the city, These Simran Sadhna programmes are held, for one week (Monday to Sunday) at one gurudwara sahib, then the program is shifted to another nearby gurudwara sahib of the city. With this effort Simran Sadhna has started in many Gurudwara Sahibs of Ludhiana city because Bhai Gursharan Singh Ji request the sangat of that locality to congregate in that Gurudwara Sahib for doing Simran Sadhna regularly, after the Simran Sadhna programme is shifted to another Gurudwara Sahib. In this way the Sangat of entire city is becoming aware of the significance of Simran Sadhna and is becoming part of it. A large number of members participate in these programmes daily and this number is increasing day by day. Not only in Ludhiana, Simran Sadhna programmes are held in other cities of India also, wherever Bhai Gursharan Singh Ji, go for performing kirtan.

Meaning of 'Amrit Vela'

Amrit Vela is the time period which starts near about three-four hours before sunrise and continues till the dawn of the day. It is the time when the atmosphere around is imbued with divine vibration, all the worldly activities are fast asleep. If we are awake at this time and immerse ourselves in God’s names, we will be abiding by the order (Hukam) of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji (Amrit Vela sach Naon Vadiai Vichar) and will be marching towards obtaining the love of Akal Purakh.

Bus Service

To facilitate the devotees, who are residing at far off places from the gurudwara sahibs, where Simran Sadhna programmes are held, the bus arrangements have been made by this institution. Through this bus service devotees are picked up from their homes and are made to reach at gurudwara sahibs where Simran Sadhna is held. At the end of Simran Sadhna, all such devotees are made to reach their homes safely, through the buses.  The expenses incurred on the bus service are borne by the sangat.